The rigid demand and future of child smart wear

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April 7, the sixth Shenzhen (International) summit of wear IOT equipment technology development and application held in Shenzhen China  ,summit around smart hardware ,  gathered a large number of manufacturers on display, but also invited the industry a lot of celebrity big brother to the wear IOT  industry hot topics to share

Last year, the child weared smart product development in full swing, the child safety topic are more valued in developing  products . 7 pm, Deputy General Manager Huang Youjun from Shenzhen-based Genesis Electronics Co., Ltd.,  analyzed  the audience on the show   the  rigid demand and future of child smart products

Share just begun, Huangyou Jun introduce children dressed smart products are  development products specifically concerned about children's safety , science and technology is currently the most useful products anti-trafficking, while closer communication between parents and children played a role in the security guard . These products must have rigid requirements.。

Missing children, trafficking has been a topic of concern to the community, it is also increasingly being valued by everyone. Including a variety of  film and news reports for the theme of child trafficking 。

According to previous Voice of China "CNR Night News" reported that, according to various statistics, China's annual missing children to incomplete statistics there are about 20 million people, looking back to only about 0.1%. See the safety of children in the present situation remains a top priority

In the era of the traditional anti-trafficking, mostly by parents and schools for their children's education, but this approach often can not play a very good effect, and with advances in technology, child safety are constantly changing forms, such as school roads, residential and other places to increase surveillance cameras, fingerprint identification, DNA testing, intelligent boy dressed products, etc., so that the anti-trafficking into the technological age

And it comes the way back after missing , usually by police, but the police can be missing 48 hours after filing. Retrieve the proportion is small, we know our police uncles tried, but too little clues. And the current legal basis for the buyer punishment of trafficking in children is quite vacant, which is also an urgent need to make up the law. Help also publish information through television, microblogging, letters and other media channels. With children's intelligence products through its Beidou / GPS location positioning function records the child, Track path  helps parents  the first time to track the child's location, even if the positioning device is removed ,criminals throw away our product will be the first time to notify parents phone and see the last location, the information for the investigation of the police to solve the case can play a very important role

And after last year's children's intelligence dressed boom, this market began to enter the precipitation period, then what will  the future development of children dressed smart look like? Huangyou Jun believes that the future market competition will become increasingly hot, we need to develop more useful new features, distinctive highlights of competitive products, product quality is the life ,we have always attached great importance to the quality of clearance. With rigid demand + sturdy quality children's intelligence ,believe the future is worn very optimistic.

Currently, The problem intelligent wearable  manufacturers face is that negative publicity peer competition, as well as some irresponsible media negative publicity。

Some media said the children's intelligence worn excessive radiation, low safety factor, cause users to panic, dare not to buy。

Huang Youjun also the scene, said he hoped that the Government can be optimistic on children's intelligence industry , and provide some good policy, not only to protect children's safety, but also to promote the further development of children's intelligence Garments。

Meanwhile, Huangyou Jun also said that a new product may indeed exist deficiencies, but they are also constantly improving。

According to related statistics, about 250 million children aged 0-14. There are about 150 million in the vast rural ,children left behind a conservative estimate there are 60 million; every year about 17 million newborns. After two children policy full liberalization estimated annual increase of 2.5 million newborns. These are children intelligence wear potential customers, is enough to show that the market demand for children's intelligence wear products , is great.

Finally, Huang Youjun site also appeal to the relevant departments to speed up the development of industry standards, such as regulating the market chaos, so can bring a broader, more secure market environment.