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3GELECTRONICS CO.,LTD. is a company specializing in the beidou/GPS motherboarddesign, focus on the project design of beidou/GPS related products. Research and Development of the core team members have 6 years experience on average in the development of electroniccommunication products, There are many years of experience to control thequality of products, reliable quality is guaranteed.

3GELECTRONICS CO.,LTD. begun to focus on r&d MTK vehicle positioningmainboard from 2010, USING all MTK chip design has been leading position in theindustry, the biggest advantage than module scheme can achieve lower powerconsumption, smaller volume, higher cost performance. Existing several maturevehicle positioning and Personnelpositioning, Positioning mobilephone motherboard, and long-term supply to many big companies of the industry'sgiants, have accumulated several big company precious experience for many yearsin technology, mature stable guarantee on quality, can greatly save developmenttime and cost for the general customers, and can avoid the risk of technologyresearch and development, reduce the company's investment and spending.

3GELECTRONICS CO.,LTD. has been in line with the spirit of "today's quality,tomorrow's market", dedicated to develop a variety of products that meetthe market need to beauty of qualitative actor price for the customer, welcometo the factory with  strength that wantto do your own brand and the independent market strategy for the long-termcooperation, 3G ELECTRONICS CO., willing to provide you with qualityservice, satisfactoryproducts, hand in hand advance together, seeking a win-win situation!


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