3G Electronics won 4.51KK first large order in new year

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Today (1.11) by the Shenzhen Municipal Smart Garments Industry Association, Bao'an District, intelligent Garments Industry Association's 2016 Children's Wear Industry "hold together" spring season "pledging" summit on the third floor of the Science Park, Nanshan District Branch-International Conference Center。

Children's Wear Market in 2015 after the outbreak of the rapid growth of "cliff-style" fall of the "roller coaster" experience, the program has had a lot of speculative or non-competitive manufacturers, traders, etc. are "shuffling out." Today, children's wearable market stabilized recovery trend. Many big brands continue to invest R & D, more innovative high-quality children's products to market, along with a huge, wide range of advertising, children's wearable products for people to regain confidence, more and more parents to buy children's intelligence restart product。

Shenzhen Garments Industry Association vice president of units Shenzhenhengbida Electronic Co., Ltd., general manager of LeiLing speech on behalf of the Association, according to market rules and past experience of children, 2016 Children's wearable products are expected in early May will mark the a wave climax of market, June reached its peak, this boom will continue until mid-September. In this context, Shenzhen Smart Garments Industry Association launched the industry force, held the "pledging summit", for the upcoming "season" fully prepared, "have the confidence, determination, perseverance," together, create a new heaven and earth belongs to the Shenzhen children wear!


Liu M IOT division marketing manager at Representative MediaTek released speech, introduces them to  the first professional chip  --MT2503 some of the features and advantages, but also about the MTK why great efforts to research and development of professional Positioning chip, that is  just to be firm optimistic about rigid need of the children's market, and the choice of 3G ELECTRONIC CO.,LTD. as the first development MT2503 program because of their great achievements made in the field of children dressed in the past and their children dressed  focus and continued investment  in market!


Shenzhen 3G ELECTRONIC CO.,LTD.Deputy General Manager Huang Youjun As the first company to develop MT2503 program, also on stage to introduce their children watch based on the new chip development positioning program 2503, and finally said thank MTK for 3G ELECTRONIC CO.,LTD. support and trust ,in the future, 3G ELECTRONIC CO.,LTD. will firmly continuous efforts  in the field of children dressed  service the brands of cooperation  that all the way to now also firmly optimistic about the  children wear , Ebb Tide, left behind is the "real money"!

After 3G ELECTRONIC CO.,LTD. introduction to  MT2503 program, the scene held a grand signing ceremony MT2503 first cooperation customer, in the smart dressed  industry associations, MTK factory representatives, more than 100 attended the scene witnessed by the audience, a total of 14 children brands with 3GE signed a total 4.51KK "Chinese New Year the first big one"!

After the signing ceremony, he had a "pledging" ceremony, the signing of the brand manufacturers have their own heartfelt words, sonorously express their optimistic about 2016 children dressed  industry, expressed firm confidence, perseverance and determination! Have said to strengthen self-discipline, pushing development!


Finally, the first batch of signing customers  representative Shenzhen Electronics Co. Ake Qi stage speech, expressed in the past by 2015, children dressed outbreak was accidental, it is inevitable, but a sudden cold is also acceptable, as the stock market rose must big drop, then 2016 children dressed market will tend to grow steadily, myself and our team are very optimistic about the market of children dressed, 2016 together development!

The first contract customers were at the scene:

ShenZhen YiQingTeng Technology CO.,LTD.

ShenZhen HengBiDa Electronic CO.,LTD.

ShenZhen YingDeEr Industry CO.,LTD.

ShenZhen XinGuo Technology CO.,LTD.

ShenZhen Ake QiElectronic CO.,LTD.

ShenZhen ZhiMeiDe Technology CO.,LTD.

ShenZhen XunTang Technology CO.,LTD.

ShenZhen BaMi Technology CO.,LTD.

ShenZhen ZhuiFengMa Technology CO.,LTD.

ShenZhen HengRongDa TeachingInstrument CO.,LTD.

ShenZhen MeiBoSheng Technology CO.,LTD.

ShenZhen YueEr Technology CO.,LTD.

ShenZhen Three Six FiveWuLian Technology CO.,LTD.

ShenZhen AiKou ElectronicCO.,LTD.

(Names not listed in order)