MT2503 children Positioning watches starting around the corner

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 2015 Smart Garments industry's most popular, to the non-targeting of child watch must go. Children watch as a modern positioning darling,and indeed bring families substantive care, guard and security, make people more worth looking forward to is the world's first wristwatch for child positioning professional positioning chip MT2503 will shock regret struck

  It is reported that Shenzhen YQT Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. and Beidou / GPS positioning motherboard design provider 3G ELECTRONICS CO.,LTD.have been together again, the two sides are developing the world's first double-star positioning based on MT2503 targeting children watch!

  The professional positioning chip has what kind of unique, YQT the latest binary children watch??Today we have a sneak peek, its mysterious veil for you!

Faster and more accurate positioning

  Xiao Bian understand, MT2503 chip is the world's first professional positioning chip for child positioning watch. According to reports, the most prominent feature of the chips is one three position, namely GSM + BD + GPS, high level of integration, you can achieve precise trajectory tracking, running sports scene, you can easily distinguish between track performance and power consumption。

Very low power consumption, longer standby time

Smart Watch's function looks very good, but people are often criticized is its standby time is too short for a full day or even multi-day charge! And this technical problem, not just the supply side, at the end of the chip power consumption is also a big problem, while the other features of this flagship chips is its ultra-low power! Although one minute transfer time data, it can stand still for more than three days, the same product under the same power, the standby time may be extended by 30-40%, to solve the child wear watches Power Fast substantive issues. I believe it will greatly enhance the competitiveness of their products!

More cool features

  YQT targeting children watch R & D engineers said, in addition to the function of some prior common  locating children watch contains, a whole new generation MT2503 functional elements covered even more, by the key operation of the screen into a touch screen version at the interface style to do a lot of changes, we have changed the dynamics of the UI. Look more vivid, more energetic part of the function of the display directly above the touch-screen operation, such as: phone book, micro-chat, bumper friends, pedometer, the operation simple and convenient! According to R & D engineers revealed that the product has been successful trial production, mass production ready, soon world premiere!

  With color touch screen Q523