The new 3G child watch program

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April 27, on the wisdom of gold festival've Shenzhen Smart Garments Industry Association's 2015 annual power solutions company - Shenzhen 3G Electronics Co., Ltd. officially released a new children watch 3G communications solutions, and practical sexual function and other aspects of innovation. The more prominent are equipped with a 500 million high-pixel camera can rotate to take photos; added voice capabilities to be able Encyclopedia Answers to accompany children to grow and learn; and built-in features a curriculum that can help children learn norms, help children grow. On the software side, 3GE also released a new upgrade APP-- security guard 2, full-featured upgrade more humane. Next,   we interpret it to all of you one by one.

Multifunction more stable hardware solution

The solution called - 75 - G, adopting MTK6572 master control chip, MTK6627GPS positioning chip, the advantage is lower power consumption, standby time is longer, positioning speed and high accuracy.The details below:

More practical function, caress with more consideration

G-75 program supports high-pixel camera, and can automatically rotate to take pictures, either can take  photos , or self-timer, both to better assist positioning, you can take the baby's own situation. Children and parents can share photos with each other, we all know that there are the child watch that can take pictures  currently on the market  , but mostly only supports 30 million pixels, and a fixed angle, most of the camera installation position is not the best camera angle, and G-75 program it is precisely to solve this problem, make the function appear to be more practical;

G-75 supports voice Wiki Answers also a bright spot, so children watch is not a simple positioning and call functions, but also  gives it a function of the early education and help children to grow up。

Early childhood Function: increased picture flashcards (figures, letters, fruits, animals) and other application software, content can be pushed back constantly updated, while the children can use the watch to learn some life knowledge,

Watch has people dating function, the children are free to add or remove friends。

The new upgrade APP-- security guard 2

version of the APP - security guard 2, for the first time many people at the same time management.What many people at the same time management?That is to say, can increase multiple devices the same interface to manage , do not need to switch back and forth interface。

The main application below:

In APP background data security with encryption, security guard 2 can also be said to be the ultimate, the current cloud servers and cloud storage, cloud monitoring, real-time monitoring and protection hacking, data using MD5 encryption, data security, snapshot backup, cloud server fast recovery, while anti-DDOS attack, anti-spyware, anti-brute, information security watch.Finally, the 3G ELECTRONICS CO.,LTD. Huang also introduced, APP development and maintenance cycles and costs, a stable platform is the need to go through a long period of increasing volume of users of the actual bearing stress test and a lot of ongoing capital investment to maintain and improve , frank and open expression of an open mind,Children's intelligence wear products is vital to  the actual  can be easily to children, help parents , but also shows the determination of 3G ELECTRONICS CO., support unwavering good solution!

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